Prelude to Programming 6th Edition by Stewart Venit PDF

Prelude to Programming 6th Edition by Stewart Venit PDF



Book Title Prelude to Programming 6th Edition by Stewart Venit PDF
Type ETextbook


Title: Prelude to Programming; Concepts and Design
Author(s): Stewart Venit; Elizabeth Drake
Edition: 6
Year: 2015
ISBN-13: 9780133741636 (978-0-13-374163-6)
ISBN-10: 013374163X (0-13-374163-X)

Prelude to Programming is appropriate for Pre-Programming and Introductory Programming courses in community colleges, 4-year colleges, and universities. No prior computer or programming experience is necessary although readers are expected to be familiar with college entry-level mathematics.

Prelude to Programming provides beginning students with a language-independent framework for learning core programming concepts and effective design techniques. This approach gives students the foundation they need to understand the logic behind program design and to establish effective programming skills.

The Sixth Edition offers students a lively and accessible presentation as they learn core programming concepts — including data types, control structures, data files and arrays, and program design techniques such as top-down modular design and proper program documentation and style. Problem-solving skills are developed when students learn how to use basic programming tools and algorithms, which include data validation, defensive programming, calculating sums and averages, and searching and sorting lists.

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