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Macroeconomics, 4th Edition - Paul Krugman, Robin Wells PDF

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Title: Macroeconomics
Author(s): Paul Krugman; Robin Wells
Edition: 4
Year: 2015
ISBN-13: 9781464110375 (978-1-4641-1037-5)
ISBN-10: 1464110379 (1-4641-1037-9)

 When it comes drawing on enduring economic principles to explain current economic realities, there is no one readers trust more than Paul Krugman. With his bestselling introductory textbook (now in a new edition) the Nobel laureate and New York Times columnist is proving to be equally effective in the classroom, with more and more instructors in all types of schools using Krugman’s signature storytelling style to help them introduce the fundamental principles of economics to all kinds of students.


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