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General Chemistry: Atoms First 2nd Edition by John E. McMurry PDF

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Title: General Chemistry; Atoms First
Author(s): John E. Mcmurry; Robert C. Fay
Edition: 2
Year: 2014
ISBN-13: 9780321809261 (978-0-321-80926-1)
ISBN-10: 0321809262 (0-321-80926-2)

General Chemistry: Atoms First , Second Edition starts from the building blocks of chemistry, the atom, allowing the authors to tell a cohesive story that progresses logically through molecules and compounds to help students intuitively follow complex concepts more logically. This unified thread of ideas helps students build a better foundation and ultimately gain a deeper understanding of chemical concepts. Students can more easily understand the microscopic-to-macroscopic connections between unobservable atoms and the observable behavior of matter in daily life, and are brought immediately into real chemistry–instead of being forced to memorize facts.

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