Biological Science 6th Edition by Scott Freeman PDF

Biological Science 6th Edition by Scott Freeman PDF



Book Title Biological Science 6th Edition by Scott Freeman PDF
Type ETextbook


Title: Biological Science
Author(s): Scott Freeman; Kim Quillin; Lizabeth Allison; Michael Black; Greg Podgorski; Emily Taylor
Edition: 6
Year: 2017
ISBN-13: 9780321976499 (978-0-321-97649-9); 9780134243061 (978-0-13-424306-1)
ISBN-10: 0321976495 (0-321-97649-5)

For introductory courses for biology majors. Uniquely engages biology students in active learning, scientific thinking, and skill development. Scott Freeman’s Biological Science is beloved for its Socratic narrative style, its emphasis on experimental evidence, and its dedication to active learning. Science education research indicates that true mastery of content requires a move away from memorization towards active engagement with the material in a focused, personal way. Biological Science is designed to equip students with strategies to assess their level of understanding and identify the types of cognitive skills that need improvement. With the Sixth Edition, content has been streamlined with an emphasis on core concepts and core competencies from the Vision and Change in Undergraduate Biology Education report

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