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Amelia Peabody Series 1-19 by Elizabeth Peters Audiobooks

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01. Crocodile on the Sandbank (1884-1885)

02. Curse of the Pharaohs (1892-1893)

03. The Mummy Case (1894-1895)

04. Lion in the Valley (1895-1896)

05. Deeds of the Disturber (1896)

06. The Last Camel Died at Noon (1897-1898)

07. The Snake, the Crocodile, and the Dog (1898-1899)

08. The Hippopotamus Pool (1899-1900)

09. Seeing a Large Cat (1903-1904)

10. The Ape Who Guards the Balance (1906-1907)

11. Guardian of the Horizon (1907-1908)

12. A River in the Sky (1910)

13. The Falcon at the Portal (1911-1912)

14. He Shall Thunder in the Sky (1914-1915)

15. Lord of the Silent (1915-1916)

16. The Golden One (1916-1917)

17. Children of the Storm (1919-1920)

18. Serpent on the Crown (1921-1922)

19. Tomb of the Golden Bird (1922-1923)